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Human Resource Management

This Human Resource Management (HRM) Report & Recommendation from the Human Resource (HR) department of the Eighth Unit of Workwell Organisation is aimed at providing a report and recommendation on the assessment and evaluation of the current situation of the Unit and at coming up with a recommendation for actions to take from various human resource-related concerns bringing problems to the Unit manager and the Chief Executive (CE) of the organisation after the Unit manager has asked the manger of the Unit’s HR for professional consultation and guidance about such concerns—the objectives of which are to help said Unit manager in addressing the emergent issues mentioned in this report and to provide recommendation to the Unit manager on what must now be communicated and negotiated with employees and union representatives amidst the deteriorating employee-management relations.

Contents and Composition This HRM Report & Recommendation contains the results of the assessment, analysis, and evaluation of the current situation of the Unit as well as conclusions and recommendation for actions to take on various concerns resulting from perceived unfavorable current situation of the Unit. It is also composed of two sections under the Analysis and Evaluation of the Current Situation heading, namely: (a) communication and consultation issues, and (b) introduction of a new redundancy policy and procedure. Introduction The Workwell Organisation has eight Units which work independently as separate divisions of a parent organisation.

Each unit has operated in this way for the past four years since a takeover by the current Chief Executive’s organisation. Each unit has one or more product or service departments plus staff departments and is managed by a Unit Manager. The CE believes in using a participative style of management and runs the whole organisation from a small central corporate headquarters. She has spent a lot of time recently working with four of the eight units that has resulted in a significant improvement in their performance. Three other units are working very well independently. Assessment of Current Situation The Unit employs around 700 people and produces a significant proportion of the overall turnover of the organisation as a whole which is around 20%.

Among the eight Units of Workwell, the Eighth Unit brought forth serious concerns to the CE who identified a number of significant pressures on this entity causing her to worry about the ability of the Unit Manager to cope with these pressures listed below. 1. Employee relations problems including union hostility towards management; 2. Lack of management skills in managing change and a perception of fear of change amongst employees; 3. Problems with the introduction of new technology plus low productivity and quality; 4. Increasing costs and increasing competition in the types of products and services being produced; and 5. Poor staff morale.

The Unit’s management recognises three separate trade unions for bargaining purposes, but has suffered from significant industrial unrest ever since proposals were made to introduce new computer technology which could affect job security for the less well-skilled employees. The Unit’s manager is supported by a Human Resource Manager, an Administration Officer and a Finance Manager. He believes he is in control of his Unit, having a tight control of costs and operational activities. However, he has a tendency to concentrate more on ensuring that clients of the company are happy rather than employees whom he expects to adapt constantly to accommodate client needs.

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